Where did half the year go?

When I enthusiastically started my blogging career a number of months ago, I imagined I would be posting all the time, keeping my (2) fans up to date with what I’ve been up to….Now all of a sudden we are halfway through the year and the yum cha athlete has gone cold!

Now thanks to a quiet work day, I’m back! Here’s a summary about what we’ve been up to…

King and Queen of Invy:
Yes I came last in the Princess event, BUT please see photo – there was a time during the event that I was actually beating someone else. Sure it didn’t last long but it’s exciting all the same. A strong swim leg was followed by a substantially less strong paddle (bear in mind this was my second paddle attempt ever) which was followed by a jelly legged run. To be honest i think i ran faster to the toilet after the event was over than what i ran during the actual race…but i guess i had stronger motivation then. Congrats to Megs who had a podium finish in the Queen of Invy event – her prize money was very much enjoyed at the pub that night!! On the whole, fabulous weekend! The guys from Vigor run a fun and friendly event that is perfect if you’re looking for a new challenge or wanting to try something different.

Big Bay Swim:
Our next hit out was the Big Bay Swim. Megs and I arrived at the start line feeling quite nervous. The nerves were prolonged as we had to wait for a very large ship to clear the shipping channel before we were given the ok to start. We had a plan of attack…one person leads for 10 minutes then we swap over. After 40 minutes we change to 5 minute intervals. Our estimated finish time was anywhere between 1-1.5hrs. We stuck to our plan and were pretty bloody surprised to find ourselves swimming up to the finish line in under 1 hour! The Phat Phucs, our faithful support crew were there to cheer us on and film our ‘graceful’ exit from the water/grime!

What’s next?
As always, there are a few more events on the horizon. I have convinced Pete to do race 1 of the Saloman Trail Series with me which should be good fun! I have then strategically planned a trip up to Queensland for the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon in August, which will hopefully a chance to break up Melbourne’s winter! All of these should be good training runs for the amazing Surf Coast Century. Last year, Megs, Adam and I completed this event as individuals. It was an amazing experience which is why we have decided to do it again – this time Megs and I have entered as a pair and will be tackling half each.

What about Yum Cha?
Good question. It hasn’t all been about dominating on the sporting field, the Yum Cha domination has also continued.

Our most recent outing was to China Town. We figured we should go to the home of Melbourne Yum Cha in honour of our 1 year Phat Phuc anniversary. The place was packed. But we were ready. All the essential items were in place: chilli sauce, scissors, waving cat. What followed can only be described as a massacre.

yum cha

The only time we stopped for breath was to thank the staff for complementing us on bringing our own chilli sauce and scissors. An admirable performance by all.

So where to now?… Our logo has been finalised and our business cards are nearly ready for printing. I am particularly excited about this as I have never had a business card and therefore have never had the opportunity to win those competitions where you put your business card in a jar…

To see what else the Phat Phucs have been up to, you can find us on:
And our soon to be up and running website

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So what’s it take to be a support crew for a solo Marysville to Melbourne competitor

Q & A for the Banzai Adventurer – my experience support crewing for Marysville to Melbourne Adventure Race!

So what's it take to be a support crew for a solo Marysville to Melbourne competitor.

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The Day We Took Our Own Chilli Sauce & Scissors to Yum Cha….

The Sunday after Australia Day took the Phat Phucs to Preston for another Yum Cha session. But I don’t want you to think this was any old session…this was the session that we BYO’d scissors and our own chilli sauce. This shit is getting SERIOUS!!

I must say, each and every Phat Phuc rose to the occasion with top efforts all around. Bear in mind we had all spent Australia Day together and consumed our body weight in BBQ meat and choc ripple cake. Post Australia Day festivities I had wondered if i would ever eat again….Yes is the short answer…

Video evidence indicates that i am still eating like I am training for an ultra marathon. Unfortunately i have spent more time thinking about running rather than actually getting out there and pounding the pavement.

After running, running and more running last year, i figured i might try and change it up a bit this year by entering the www.kingandqueenofinvy.com/, the bigbayswim.com.au/ AND the www.ironman703shepparton.com.au/!

Yep. Princess of Invy involves kayaking. My last boating experience was in a canoe on year seven camp.

Yep. Shep half ironman involves a 90km bike ride. My road bike scares me and my personal best riding distance is 30km…and i had to have a lie down afterwards.

This is going to be a big year.

Im excited!!

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