Is it possible to balance a career as a Dietitian whilst being an active participant in the Phat Phucs Yum Cha club?


This is not about sticking to moderate portions at Yum Cha (which by the way, is against the rules and could earn me Worst On Ground). It is about balancing out my excessive intake by entering crazy athletic events despite the fact that I am stuck with ‘participant/enthusiasm’ genes and not ‘competitor’ genes.

2012 consisted of many adventures including the Great Ocean Road Marathon, Surf Coast Century 100km Ultra Marathon and a trip to New York (to find out the NY Marathon had been cancelled). All of these were of course balanced out by 2 monthly Phat Phuc events  around Melbourne + 1 unsanctioned event in Sydney.

Who knows what 2013 will hold? Im looking forward to more adventures with the Phat Phucs & my main partners in crime, Megs (Tuesday Night Parmas) and Adam the Banzai Adventurer.

GOR mara


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  3. Dave says:

    Good stuff Annie!!

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